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Remember what it felt like when you were born again? Well, for many of us and personally, I really felt like a new person. EVERYTHING looked different! The sky, the grass, sun rises, sun sets, clouds! I was seeing things from a different perspective. God’s perspective. Eternities perspective.

I no longer thought about death as the end of my life because now, I knew, I had entered into eternal life and that death, whenever it came, was truly a wonderful passing from this life; this world, into the most glorious next!!

So, here I am on the night of 26th July and Father was speaking to me about some things to come, when I glanced at my phone and the time was 00:00
I smiled, and thought this is like the beginning of something. Then God said to me to turn to page 68 in my bedside book. (Current book reading ‘Dancing with Destiny’ Jill Austin) I turned to page 68 and it’s a BLANK page!
He really had my full attention now and I am most certainly wide awake. This is what He said:

The month of August is the eighth month in your calendar. The number eight symbolises NEW BEGINNINGS! Now, I have begun a NEW MOVE for you (us) and it’s building momentum and hunger in people’s hearts. During this month this MOVE will be more evident, it’s on the increase.

Just like the time 00:00 and the blank page I drew your attention to, we are beginning together a BLANK CANVAS!
Now at this point I was feeling a tad ‘nervous’ looking at a huge blank canvas. I felt like I was being born again, again!

I actually said, ‘There’s nothing on the canvas. It’s blank!’ ‘What have I got to paint?’ And He replied, ‘Patsy, we will paint the canvas together.’ Phew!! Me and God painting that sounds better.
He continued to speak to me saying that HE has positioned His sons and daughters, children, for the most SPECTACULAR DISPLAY of His glory in the earth! I was reminded of the word He gave me for 2017: TJE YEAR OF THE PEACOCK which speaks about this display. For us, it’s a bit scarey, this huge blank canvas. But He has been changing us SO deeply in our hearts and giving us new eyes, so to speak, to actually SEE what He is doing so we can do likewise. John 5:19

The thrill for us is that we get to paint with the creator of the universe and are wonderfully included with this awesome display of heaven upon earth! Wow!

So, we look forward to AWESOME AUGUST 2017 a RE-SET button has been pressed and we are off! Glory to God💕

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