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This week I joined some lovely friends at a Refreshing Day. One of the guys there shared about God’s Army being prepared. This took me right back to 2011 I believe it was when we were ministering in the Czech Republic.

I had spent the morning with the lord and was in such a deep, thick presence of God that I remember I didn’t want to leave the room! My prayer time consisted of some soaking prayer, worship, intercession and adoration.

Then Holy Spirit took me into an Open Vision. By that I mean that I was actually stood there, watching, as He was showing me somethings to come.
I was shown an ARMY of people. They were marching (moving, as one) across Europe. And the lord asked me, ‘What do you see Patsy.’ I replied, ‘An army, Lord.’ He then asked, ‘What’s different about this army?’ I replied, ‘They have no weapons!’

Then, as I watched this vision unfold, this Army, marching across Europe were full of LOVE & JOY. So much so, that people seeing them instantly stood up to go and join them!

As this army moved I could see many, many people who had great physical and healing needs, just standing up COMPLETELY HEALED!
No one prayed for them, no one touched them!
I am like ‘WOW!’ God!!

Then God said to me that this was HIS ARMY. His ARMY of LOVE! In their hearts, this army carried the love of the Father, His love and as they were together ‘as one’ this released SO MUCH of His PRESENCE that people all around them were overwhelmed with this LOVE and were embraced into His loving arms. Into His family.
I could see and hear such weeping, sobbing, joy and laughter all mingled in together. Such a release of Heaven was happening!

Since then, many years, as I have prayed and interceded for the nations, particularly Europe, I have been encouraged by Holy Spirit as He has reminded me of what was shown to me, as part of what is to come.

I believe the first time I shared this was in Kromeriz and then Pardubice in the Czech Republic. We prayed and gave thanks with such joyful expectancy to SEE this vision unfold in His timing.

I’m really sensing we are right on the edge of this!! Which is probably why the enemy has been so active trying to deter the plans and purposes of Heaven being released upon the Earth! But it’s coming, lovelies, nothing can stop,it!! Happy Days!!

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