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I have to say, I have been sat on this word for about three months now as the lord has continued to speak to me about the coming months and the coming year, 2018.

Last year, the lord gave me an encouraging word for 2017 which I named THE YEAR OF THE PEACOCK. (Read on website please) Where he explained to me what the Peacock represents, symbolically and prophetically, giving me insight into what He was saying and then to share it.

This year, or for the last few months, He has continually brought something across my path connected with peacocks again. So this is what Father has been saying to me regarding this year, now 2018.

The Peacock symbolises VISION – AWAKENING – WATCHFULNESS and ROYALTY. When a Peacock displays its tail feathers; what a glorious sight! For me, it’s something very beautiful, elegant and glorious. The pattern on the feathers look like lots of eyes, the colours are rich blue and green with a beautiful sheen on them.

I just want to reflect here, a little, before moving on.
I’m aware that this past year many of us have been through very difficult times, where we have had to lean upon our beloved even more so than we ever have done. The enemy, in most cases, has been relentless with his attacks. Personally I have never heard of so many of God’s children being sick, involved in accidents, having financial need, than EVER before in my 30 plus years of knowing Him.
But God has turned and IS turning, ALL of this around for good! Romans 8:28

These circumstances have caused us to pursue Him more. To go to the very ROOTS of our believes; to dig into the WORD of GOD as He continues to bring us forth as gold! HE HAS CONTINUED TO PREPARE US FOR WHAT IS COMING!

God has given us ‘eyes to see’ and as that has also been increasing in measure, we are compelled to look at things from His perspective and not our earthly perspective.

Many of us have received RADICAL dreams, visions, and expectations this year, radical from our perspective that is!! While we have battled against the enemies schemes, lies and plans.
God wants to make a DISPLAY. (Like the Peacock feathers) a display of His Glory. A display of Himself, His LOVE, His KINDNESS, His GOODNESS, to the world.
He SO LOVED the world….that He gave His only son. Such love, such sacrifice. His heart hasn’t changed.

Fresh winds, shifts, new seasons, encounters and the like, help bring us, prepare us, to see from His perspective, into the places that He has prepared for us to go.

This year, 2018 I can see that the Peacock takes flight! Meaning, the display of God’s Glory will be seen in ever increasing measure in the nations. We have been called to Disciple Nations. Matthew 28:19
‘Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of the age.’ TPT

We only effectively (bearing much fruit) disciple nations, if we live like Jesus did. SEEING what Father is doing, HEARING what Father is saying. John 5:19
There was no self promotion. No drawing attention to Himself. No, we are the ones, we are Gods sons and daughters who are here, at such a time as this, to carry His heartbeat into the Earth. To display His incredible love, His grace, His mercy to those that He, Jesus, gave up His life for.

Glory to God!! Happy Days are here again!!

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