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As I’ve been listening to the Lord recently regarding the coming year he spoke to me saying that next year will be the year of THE PEACOCK.

The Peacock is first mentioned in the bible during the time of Solomon. 1 Kings 10:22
‘For the King had merchant ships at sea with the fleet of Hiram. Once every three years the merchant ships came bringing gold,silver, Ivory apes and monkeys/peacocks.’

I read that the PEACOCK symbolises VISION – AWAKENING – WATCHFULNESS and ROYALTY. As I’ve been pondering these things and thinking about PEACOCKS the Holy Spirit continued to speak to me regarding the display of the PEACOCK feathers. If you have ever watched a Peacock displaying it’s beautiful feathers there is something wonderfully beautiful and elegant about its display.

In the same way,the display of God’s Glory will be SO on … Read More »


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This morning I’ve published a photograph on my FB page that I stumbled across this week. It’s a photo of geese in a lavender field and I felt God drawing me to this photograph again and again. This is what he said to me concerning this:


The geese in the photo are walking/waddling through a LAVENDER field. God said, these geese have been soaking in my presence and I am releasing them to fly with a fresh aroma.

I know that the WILD GOOSE is a symbol of the Holy Spirit used by early Celtic Christians. I read that geese untamed and uncontrolled make a lot of noise! Apparently they may bite anyone who tries to CONTAIN or CAPTURE them! This I see as part of the NEW BREED now rising! … Read More »


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I was reading earlier this month that on the 5th October 2016 General Sir Nicholas Houghton was installed as the 160th Constable of The Tower Of London. As I was reading the account God began to speak to me concerning this nation, the United Kingdom, and its Commonwealth. This is what he said:

The Constable for The Tower Of London has been handed the GOLD MASTER KEYS on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, symbolising the Constable’s responsibility for The Tower. I am releasing GOLDEN KEYS to this nation, The United Kingdom and its Commonwealth in order to UNLOCK INSIGHT into the days ahead. I am releasing these GOLDEN KEYS – KEYS OF AUTHORITY – KEYS OF REVELATION – KEYS OF ASSIGNMENTS – to bring about the greater plans from my heart and to HALT the plans of … Read More »


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This morning I was in the garden with my nearly two year old granddaughter. We were putting out bread for the birds. She had only ate one of her marmite soldiers (finger sized bread) for breakfast and had left the rest of them on her plate.
After we had put the bread out she decided to pick some up and eat it! Then she collected a few more pieces to eat. I began to explain to her that this bread was for the birds, it’s stale, and her fresh bread was in the house.

Then God spoke to me saying:
‘My hearts desire is that everyone, all sons and daughters eat FRESH BREAD. DAILY, FRESH BREAD, from ME. Too many are eating yesterday’s bread, stale bread, and other peoples bread then wondering why things aren’t turning out the … Read More »


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During this past week God has reminded me again of the ANGELS OF WAKE UP that I shared about last August.  Those Angels were blowing trumpets of ‘wake up’ and had been placed in strategic places according to heavenly strategies throughout the United Kingdom.

Whilst I was thinking on that, he began to show me these angels again but this time there were more of them and they were being released into different NATIONS!

Each one was holding a trumpet as they were released on assignment to wherever they had to go.  I believe the purpose for this (holding a trumpet) was to RELEASE and AWAKE NATIONS to prayer.

In obedience to what I have/am seeing I have intentionally FOCUSED more upon Gods words, prophecies and promises regarding the season that we are finding ourselves in.


Now this morning I was in the garden … Read More »


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On Friday night I had an unusual dream.  I was actually in my bed looking up to the sky which was full of pink and blue balloons!  Each balloon had a streamer (cord like) attached to it which was shaped into a handle at the bottom.  While I was waking up God was saying to me ‘Keep pulling these balloons down Patsy.’

I was sharing this dream with a friend earlier today and afterwards Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation as I wasn’t quite sure about it previously.

The balloons represent the NEW THINGS that God has promised. Isaiah 43:18/19 one of my founding verses speaks of the ‘new things that God is doing.’  Then we read his question: ‘Do you not perceive it?’

The fact that these balloons are coloured pink and blue means that these are the NEW BABIES!  And we … Read More »


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Near the end of August whilst in the Czech Republic and then again at the beginning of this month God was speaking to me about the month of September.

The Georgian calendar shows this month as the 9th month of the year. Traditionally this months flower emblem is the ‘forget-me-not’.  God spoke to me of the importance of not to forget what he has promised and spoken to us.   Also, as we know, it takes nine months for a baby to grow in the womb and then it’s ready to slide down the birth canal and out into  its beautiful new world!

Likewise, during this month many people will have their ‘babies’ delivered.  These ‘babies’ are the BIRTHING of the NEW things that he has promised!

God will ALWAYS be on time. Our part is to continue to BELIEVE that what HE … Read More »


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Earlier this morning Holy Spirit reminded me of something he spoke to me regarding HIGHWAYS as I was driving on my way home from Church yesterday.  For some time I have spoken on our BELIEVE SYSTEM.  I see thinking as HIGHWAYS, ROADWAYS in our brains. I also use this analogy in my Prophetic Life Coaching.

Anything that needs to grow – needs to be fed; consequently anything that we don’t feed will starve and die.  As we feed ourselves upon the WORD of GOD and the promises, prophetic words, dreams that He has given to us; then that GROWS!  In direct contrast to that, of course; works the same as we feed any NEGATIVE thoughts – they GROW!

Either HIGHWAY is fed on what we choose to BELIEVE what we allow into our believe system.  We can put ROADBLOCKS (a SEAL) on … Read More »


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While I was praying last weekend God spoke to me regarding the month of August. He said ‘Audacious August.’  Something ignited in my spirit!  So I looked up the meaning of the word, audacious:-

‘Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.’

Bold – Daring – Fearless – Intrepid – Brave – Unafraid – Unflinching – Courageous – Valiant – Heroic – Reckless – Wild!

I think we get the picture!  Many of us have been through difficult circumstances and situations (and some still are) when we’ve even had thoughts of ‘abondoning ship!’

But as God always turns around these times for good, and for blessing and favour, these times have actually caused us to RISE UP and DECLARE the PROMISES that God has made to us.

Ephesians 1:11 ‘In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him … Read More »


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A couple of weeks ago as I was sharing with a few close friends about an open vision I had received from the Lord I felt prompted to now share it.

In the vision I saw a long wavy line of dominos.  Several, had different colours on them with the usual number of dots.  I sensed that EACH domino had been strategically placed in PREPARATION for the MOMENTUM that occurs when the first domino is touched.

God said to me that during the month of May many will see the beginning of a DOMINO EFFECT in their lives.  As God’s finger touches the very first domino, the RIPPLING effect will be breathtaking!

I could see IMMENSE JOY exploding as long awaited promises and prophetic words at had been spoken, were SUDDENLY (it seemed suddenly but God has been behind the scenes working all … Read More »

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